Long Range Planning

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Master Plan Update

Stay tuned for more information.And remember to check out the Athol MA Planning and Development Facebook page.

In the meantime, here are some ideas in progress....2014 Community Development Strategy Economic Development Brainstorm Summary (from Jan 8th meeting of EDIC and BPCD)

Who oversees the revision process?  The Board of Planning & Community Development (BPCD), along with the Planning Director, are actively engaged in data collection, public surveys, and writing of the draft. Many other committees have been involved in the process have been, so far, including the Economic Development Industrial Corporation (EDIC). Public hearings and meetings over the last year or so have provided BPCD with direction, including the FY14 Community Development Strategy public hearings.

Vision Statement: A master plan is a living document designed to guide current and future generations to ensure that Athol continues to evolve as a pleasant, caring and sustainable community in which to live. This plan will enable Athol to thrive in harmony with its natural resources while offering a vibrant maint street, good schools, affordable housing, active parks, varied recreation, public transportation, library facilities, and state of the art medical care. Neighborhoods will remain safe, quiet and clean places to live, providing goods, services, and jobs within walking distances.