Housing Rehabilitation Program

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About the Housing Rehabilitation Program
The Town of Athol offers 0% interest deferred payment housing rehabilitation loans for critical home repairs.  An application can be obtained by downloaded online here, by calling 978-575-0301 x302, emailing, or in-person office at the Athol Town Hall, 584 Main Street, Room 29 - Planning and Development. The Office is currently open 1:30 pm to 5 pm Monday, 9am-3:30pm Tuesday, and 9am-2:00pm Wednesday and Thursday. All personal information is confidential within the limits of public records law.

Please Note - WAITING LIST: Due to limited funding from the Commonwealth, there is a waiting list for this program. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that applications received at this time will be funded during the current grant cycle, which ends in December 2017. Interested owners of properties located within the Town’s Target Area A (Tan color on the this map) Target Area for Housing Rehabilitation are encouraged to submit an application now in order to reserve a place on the current waiting list.

Emergency Situations: Homeowners who are experiencing emergency circumstances that are an immediate threat their health and safety, should contact the Office of Planning and Development (978 575-0301 x302) or email to see if they are eligible for limited assistance.  Emergency situations may include leaks into dwelling area of a home or failed heating system.

Other Resources
For assistance with heating system repair/replacement or weatherization (insulation, etc.) contact MOC (Montachusett Opportunity Council) at 978 342-7025 x 4.

For assistance with septic system repairs, contact the Athol Board of Health at 978 249-7934 or send email.

For assistance with lead paint testing and removal, contact Shannon Erb with the Montachusett Regional Lead Paint Hazard Control Program at (978) 400-0170, http://newvuecommunities.org/home-ownership/.

Program Description
Residents who qualify are eligible for funding assistance with health and building code repairs to their single or multi-family homes. Investor-owned projects will also be considered. Eligible repairs include septic and heating systems, lead paint and asbestos removal, door and window replacements, and other repairs allowed under the CDBG program guidelines. The MA Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds are administered by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for the benefit of Massachusetts residents who meet the income guidelines. Project funds are administered by the Athol Office of Planning and Development.

A detailed description of Housing Rehabilitation Program Requirements and Procedures is found in the Initial Disclosure Form. This form should be read, signed and returned with the completed Housing Rehabilitation Application Form.

Loan Payback
Homeowners may receive a no interest loan that is 50% forgiven over a 15-year schedule, with 50% remaining as a lien to be repaid when the deed changes hands.

Program Procedures
Applicants must verify their household incomes through third-party documentation, be current on their taxes and assessments, have homeowner’s insurance, and be in good standing on their mortgage.

After review of the information submitted to the office, an inspection by a Housing Rehabilitation Specialist may be scheduled with the property owner to determine safety and health code violations that could be eligible for repair.  An inspection for the presence of lead paint hazards will also be scheduled.   

Once the property owner and the Rehabilitation Specialist have agreed on a scope of repair services, the project will be bid to licensed, insured general contractors.  The project will be carried out under the supervision of the Housing Rehabilitation Specialist. 

Eligibility Guidelines
Household size includes everyone living in the home or dwelling unit. Income limits include ALL income earned by ALL household members. Refer to the table below for income limits.


1 Person

2 Person

3 Person

4 Person

5 Person

6 Person

7 Person

8 Person










Target Area

In addition, the Town of Athol is required by the Commonwealth to designate a Target Area for the Housing Rehabilitation program. With the exception of emergency projects, all properties must be located within the designated Target Area to be eligible for funding.  Currently the Target Area is “Target Area A” (tan color) found on the attached map.

Housing Rehabilitation Application Form

Subordination Policy 

Initial Disclosure Form