Catering in Athol

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If you are catering an event in Athol, please use the appropriate form below to notify the Board of Health, in accordance with 105CMR 590.009(A)(2)(a)(b):

Caterers [105 CMR 590.009(A)](1) Base of Operations. Each caterer shall have as its base of operations a food establishment that shall comply with the provisions of 105 CMR 590.000… (2) Notification. Each caterer shall: (a)  Notify the board of health of the city or town in which it plans to serve a meal prior to serving any meal elsewhere than in its own food service establishment and shall give written notice to the board of health on a form provided by the board or the Department either prior to or within 72 hours after serving a meal elsewhere than its own food service establishment; and (b)  If required by the board of health or its agent, provide the board with a copy of its food establishment permit prior to serving a meal in a city or town other than the one in which its food establishment is located.

Catered Event Notification Form, Athol Permitted Caterers

Catered Event Notification Form, Out-of-Town Permitted Caterers