Missing Dog License Application

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Due to a production error, the Dog License Application was inadvertently left out when the census was mailed.  The printing company has been contacted and all households will be receiving a dog license application at no additional cost to the Town of Athol.

Dog owners can still obtain their dog license without the application.  Dog Licenses can be picked up in the Town Clerk's Office on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am-5pm and Tuesday 8am-8pm.  The cost of a dog license is $15.00 for a Male/Female dog and $8.00 for a Neutered/Spayed dog.

Dog licenses may also be obtained through the mail.  Please send a check payable to the Town of Athol with the required fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Proof of rabies vaccination and neutering/spaying certificate is required.

Online payment for dogs is also available.  Please go to the Town of Athol's website at www.athol-ma.gov.  Please check rabies information with the Town Clerk prior to making online payment.

For further information, please contact the Athol Town Clerk's Office at 978-249-4551 or townclerk@townofathol.org.




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