Data and Reports

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Data and Reports

The attachments below include a link to the August 2016 report discussing the disposition process for the four elementary schools that have reverted to the town with the pending opening of the new Athol Community Elementary School.

You may also link to the Town's FY15 audited financial statements, the economic conditions report of January 2016, an excerpt from the Town Manager's five point plan for sustainability and information on why Athol's bond rating was upgraded and reaffirmed as AA- (stable outlook) as recently as February 2016.

New:  Documents related to regional emergency dispatch proposal.

Regional Dispatch Public Forum_1-25-17.pdf4.37 MB
State 911 approval ltr re regional dispatch 8-2016720.82 KB
EOPS letter re regional dispatch 3-2016496.06 KB
Athol and Gardner letters of intent re regional dispatch1.57 MB
Athol-Gardner Inter-Municipal Agreement re regional dispatch444.56 KB
TM rec re: regional dispatch IMA 3-3-2015616.45 KB
Feasibility Study re regional dispatch1.49 MB
disposition_recommendations_to_bos_8-2-16.pdf1.22 MB
fy15_audit_-_financial_statements_final.pdf223.65 KB
athol_economic_dev_summary_and_outlook_january_2016.pdf1.7 MB
five_point_sustainability_plan_-_economic_dev_component.pdf3.51 MB
aa-_stable_-_standard_poors_conf_2-29-16.pdf335.25 KB
aa-_stable_-_standard_poors_10-2014.pdf289.72 KB
a1_-_moodys_-_aug_2012.pdf64.11 KB
minutes_bos_3-3-15.pdf238.25 KB
adn_article_3-4-15.pdf136.15 KB