Athol Community Wood Bank

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The Athol Community Wood Bank provides heat to residents in need by converting trees into firewood. Started as a partnership between community members and the Town, the Wood Bank was created as a means to provide continued public service from local trees cut for hazard mitigation or forest management.  With the support of the Athol Tree Warden, state foresters, and private organizations volunteers help split donated wood to be placed in reserve for the winter heating season. Once firewood has reached acceptable moisture content it is made available to residents in need of emergency heating assistance. Support for the Athol Community Wood Bank is made possible by the the Town of Athol Department of Public Works, Department of Conservation and Recreation, Service Forestry, the U.S. Forest Service, State & Private Forestry, and Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust.

How residents can receive wood

Residents in need may simply follow the request procedure as follows:

① Fill out an application:

Online at:

In person at: Town Hall Room 17

② Resident receives a voucher good for full pallet of wood (approximately ½ cord) via email or at Town Hall.

③ Pick up is at the Athol Transfer Station during hours it’s open to residents:   Vouchers are given to Transfer Station Staff when they come to pick up wood.  Recipients are responsible for loading the wood into their own vehicles.

No more than one voucher shall be issued per household per month while wood supplies last. 

Volunteer Day

Household members benefiting from the wood bank are encouraged to donate their time at organized volunteer days to be held a few times per year.  Volunteers will cut, split, transport and stack firewood at the Town Transfer Station onto pallets into organized ‘sections’. The firewood will be covered or placed in a sheltered area to protect it from the weather.

Town Volunteers might include:

  • Trained Town employees or qualified volunteers will be chainsaw operators. (All operators shall use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE): eye protection, hard helmet, hearing protection, gloves, chainsaw leg protection and boots).
  • These chainsaw operators might include: PHD representatives, Tree Warden (& mutual town aid support), local professional arborists and foresters, or Athol Fire Dept. or Athol Police Dept. personnel (The goal is to include local professional arborists and foresters and trained residents.)
  • Cutters will begin before a ‘splitting crew’ arrives to generate a stack of wood
  • Work day will include all work to create a pile of ‘town wood’ that is cut, split, transported, and stacked, or until volunteers cannot do anymore.
  • Waiver Form to be signed.

August 8 Volunteer Day Wood Splitting Party 




For More inforation or to Donate Wood Please Contact:

Travis Knetchel, Athol Tree Warden

978 249 8684

Heather Brissette

978 249 2368