Yard Sale Signs on Public Property



I, _______________________________________________,  

                            (applicant's name)

have posted signage for  the purpose of _________________________________________

                            (type of event)

to located at ____________________________________

                          (address of event)

for the following date(s) __________________________.


  And hereby present application to the Board of Selectmen to post signs on public property as defined in the  provisions of Athol Bylaw Chapter V, Section 20, which states:

            No person unless required by law so to do, shall without a permit from the Selectmen, post or affix in any manner, paint, print, write or cause to be painted, printed or written any notice, advertisement, bill, picture, drawing or writing upon any curbstone, sidewalk, tree, pole, post or hydrant in any street or public place, or upon any walk or fence or upon or in any public buildings.  All of the above must be removed within forty-eight (48) hours after the event.  If not removed, the Town of Athol is authorized to remove all of the above at the owner’s expense.  (Amended at the October 17, 2005 Fall Town Meeting.  Approved by the Attorney General on February 28, 2006.)


   I also acknowledge that I am responsible for any signs posted in relevance to my event and will see to it that they are removed within 48 hours after above stated event.

   *Please be advised that the Board of Selectmen can not give permission to place signs on utility poles that are not the property of Town and are owned privately.


     Signature of Applicant: _______________________________


     Date: _____________


     Phone: _________________