Alan E. Rich Environmental Park

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Welcome to Alan E. Rich Environmental Park

Alan E. Rich Environmental Park
10 Main Street, Athol, MA
(978) 249-2496

A park welcoming visitors with car top boat access, picnic benches, and a nature trail through Cass Meadow and woodland along the Millers River. Named for the late Alan Rich, a long-time Athol Selectman, and political leader, the park was developed as part of the Mass Urban River Visions initiative. Cass Meadow is managed by the Mass Division of Fisheries and Game and The friends of the Alan  E. Rich Environmental Park,

Conservation land right in the center of Athol? Yes, indeed, land that includes car top access to the Millers River, a park landscaped with native plant varieties, benches and picnic tables welcoming visitors, and a short loop trail. Meandering through an area of young woodland and the open land of the Millers River Wildlife Management Area, that trail includes short spurs to the south shore of the Millers River and a longer spur leading deeper into the meadow.

It is a trail that makes one forget for a time how close one is to civilization. Listen to the birds, revel in the grasses and wildflowers, watch the swooping dragonflies….

A favorite destination for naturalists and photographers the flat grassed trails provide leisurely access to the natural world. 



This beautiful Damselfly is a common resident of the Milers and Tully Rivers adjacent to the park. Late summer one can find these handsome Odonates in the company of Zebra and Arrow Clubtails as the perch on rocks in the shallow water.  

The park is also the beginning of the Millers River Bluetrail a wonderful 6-mile paddle suitable for family fun Below Boyscouts from troop 52 Fairhaven Massachusetts were the first to use the new access ramp. Plans are in the works for an accessible float for launching canoes and kayaks which should be in place for the 2017 boating season making this wonderful Blue Trail accessible to all.  

Directions: On your GPS #10 Main Street on West the end of Athol Center, on north side just before the Millers River Bridge